On Tuesday 3rd March 2015, Myself and my Broadcast group had taken a visit to the BBC in Birmingham.

The first picture shows the cameras West Midlands today uses when film the news live!
News room – where we are all the presenters.
The TV gallery – where the producers are and how they control the regional and national shows. They almost make sure that the timing is correct. They also control where news presenters look.

The next photo is all to do with Radio dramas – in here very particular in the sounds made when play on even down to the sound of cold and hot water poured into a cup!

This room is the Dead room as it controls outside sounds to stop unwanted sounds from arousing. When your inside it feels very unusual as you are not hearing the outside or background noise we are used to.

In the radio studios, presenters pretty much control the show. They can view music, social neglecting sites and also controls of faders and when to bring in a caller.
It is important to keep on junction with news and weather because you can miss the junction to the broadcast of weather and news




Swapping Gender Roles — click this link!

I came across this video after scrolling down my Facebook News Feed and felt as though it really attracted my attention because of what it is based around.

Nowadays, in society we create judgments which are often influenced by gender stereotypes but yet we don’t realise it! I believe that is video is a prime example on how we categorise and point the finger to things we believe what ones role is in society.

This video replaces the stereotypical, vulnerable female character in horror movies with a male character, with the same characteristics. Something we don’t see often in classic horror movies. And not only does it happen in horror movies but in action movies, we tend to associate the main character in an action movie as being male. And actually from watching this clip, I feel that I when I see the male character acting the role of a character I would associate with a female, is quite unusual and alien to me because I am used to seeing the role played by a female – it definitely helps me to realise how much the media tricks us into thinking a certain way and how we use stereotypes to help us make judgments.




-Today, I travelled on my first school trip down to Watford to go and visit the Warner Brothers: Harry Potter World!!! Was it amazing?! It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

I encountered such an amazing experience there and I feel as though I an appreciate the industry of film and TV a lot more because being at the Harry Potter working studios helped me to visualise the amount of effort, time, and work that is put into producing these films. The fact that we have the facilities to create a world wide known, profitable movie so close to our door steps makes it that little more motivating and inspiring to go out there and give it your all in these industries. And I can honestly, from this experience I have learnt to stand out and to truly strive to be the best I possibly can in the industry of Radio and even TV…
It amazed me how considerably big I thought it was going to be and to think the series of Harry Potter films were produced there really astonishes me…

I believe I have gained so much perspective on film and it has really interested me and has inspired and motviated me to work even harder in my course and also, to strieve further for my future



SSE Advert – actual advert – the making of the advert

Usually, I don’t find myself watching a lot of TV but when I do all that I have been taught from being at Birmingham Ormiston Academy helps me now to visualise a lot of small things that I would of never noticed from before.

The one thing has truly stood out to me is this advert, an promotional advert for the company SSE. I found this advert extremely captivating and truly struck for my attention so much I had to research more into detail on how this advert was created.

It amazes me how much technology has excelled and has advanced over the years and I believe this is a good example to show how powerful technology is in media.

The way how they created the advert was partially done digitally and the videos from YouTube show how it was created and the actual advert itself.


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